Samad Savage

Samad Savage

King Savage To You.

18 Black and Single

iMuslim -iRap - iDance - iProduce - iSexy

That’s all, My Love❤️

Trippin Sets @inevitablexsin

I’m ready

Haha Message To the other Underground rappers, “I go to work”

Samad what are you doing there? Get that ass in the booth, You’re beats are ill but rap needs you


Always a Good day

God blessed you with another day, another opportunity to make someone happy, Pray for forgiveness, give instead of take, spread his word, or simply just make something of yourself, be happy

That’s The only good change people

And in all do time, I will proceed only if god is on my side

I’m so sincere

Only my parents make accidents, baby😏😉….wait

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